Available courses

Management Information System for the Hospitality Industry aims to orient BS Hospitality Management students regarding the technologies and trends prevalent in the Hospitality Industry at present, as well as trends and developments in Information and Communications Technology in general in order to enable them to leverage ICT and Information Systems in particular in their chosen profession.

An amalgam of CSCI 301: Computer Fundamentals with into to Operating System and CSCI 100: Computer Fundamentals with Wordprocessing and Spreadsheets.

A post-requisite of CSCI 301: Computer Fundamentals with Introduction to Operating Systems

The first in a trio of courses culminating in the capstone project presentation for senior BSIT students. This particular course concentrates on Technical Writing.

Software engineering is concerned with the development and maintenance of reliable and efficient software systems which are affordable to develop and maintain, and satisfy all the requirements that customers have defined for them.

Computer Programming II, a post-requisite of ITS 102, Fundamentals of Computer Programming with Logic Formulation.

Discrete Mathematics describes processes that consist of a sequence of individual steps (as compared to calculus, which describes processes that change in a continuous manner). The principal topics presented in this course are logic and proof, induction and recursion, discrete probability, and finite state machines.

Online repository of learning materials for Dr. Luis Jimenez's students.